Development of adsorption ratio equation and state equation of liquid and their geological significance

Junqian Li

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There have been many theories to describe adsorbed or free gas. However, quantitative description of the occurrence characteristics of liquids in porous media has always been a great challenge due to a lack of basic theory. Through years of research, two theoretical equations, i.e., adsorption ratio equation and state equation of liquid, have been proposed to describe the characteristics of liquids in porous media, and revealed the mechanism of liquid occurrence. Further, a quantitative evaluation technology for the microscopic distribution of liquids was established by combining nuclear magnetic resonance theory. This research will be of great significance for studying the microscopic distribution of liquids in tight reservoirs, such as shale, coal, and tight sandstone.

Cited as: Li, J. Development of adsorption ratio equation and state equation of liquid and their geological significance. Capillarity, 2021, 4(4): 63-65, doi: 10.46690/capi.2021.04.01


Adsorption ratio equation, state equation of liquid, porous media, shale

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