Geological characteristics and main challenges of onshore deep oil and gas development in China

Zhi Yang, Caineng Zou, Zhidong Gu, Fan Yang, Jiarui Li, Xiaoni Wang

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More than 30 years of continuous development has made onshore deep and ultra-deep conventional and unconventional oil and gas become an integral part of increasing the energy reserves and output by China’s petroleum industry. Based on the deep oil and gas geological conditions in the country, the present study finds that paleo stratum and deep burial are the two basic geological characteristics of deep oil and gas. Furthermore, we put forward the notion that it is necessary to strengthen the fundamental research of theories in four aspects and the core technology in five aspects of deep oil and gas. It is suggested that it is of special importance to promote the scientific and technological research of deep oil and gas through the scientific exploration of “myriameter deep” wells as the starting point, so as to boost the development of deep oil and gas field in China.

Cited as: Yang, Z., Zou, C., Gu, Z., Yang, F., Li, J., Wang, X. Geological characteristics and main challenges of onshore deep oil and gas development in China. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2022, 6(3): 264-266.


Deep oil and gas, myriameter deep well, paleo stratum, ultra deep burial

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