Characterization of marine shale in Western Hubei Province based on unmanned aerial vehicle oblique photographic data

Senlin Yin, Kaiyue Feng, Xin Nie, Qi Chen, Yan Liu, Peilin Wang

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The marine shale in the Sinian Doushantuo Formation of Qinglinkou outcrop section is well developed, but the current characterization methods for outcrops are unsatisfactory. In this paper, the data of outcrop in the field study area were collected by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, then processed and interpreted by oblique photography technology combined with manual investigation. Subsequently, we established a quantitative geological knowledge database of the shale formations and carried out the typical section of anatomy analysis. The results showed that the high-precision image information captured by unmanned aerial vehicle oblique photography technology can be well coupled with a three-dimensional coordinate system. The three-dimensional digital model was used to characterize the lithologic assemblage, thickness and distribution characteristics of the target reservoir. Based on this digital model, we established the three-dimensional lithology and the total organic carbon models of the outcrop area. The spatial distribution characteristics of interbedding between marine dolomite and shale in the outcrop area were displayed, and the distribution of total organic carbon was revealed under lithological constraints. The models are beneficial for the analysis and prediction of the lithology and total organic carbon, which is of great significance to the understanding of shale gas sweet spots.

Cited as: Yin, S., Feng, K., Nie, X., Chen, Q., Liu, Y., Wang, P. Characterization of marine shale in Western Hubei Province based on unmanned aerial vehicle oblique photographic data. Advances in Geo-Energy Research, 2022, 6(3): 252-263.


Shale rock; unmanned aerial vehicle; geological knowledge database; digital outcrop; Doushantuo Formation; Qinglinkou

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